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Harry goes to he doctor's and sits in a queue between to other guys. They start talking and one admits to having a red ring round the top of his penis. Harry then admits that he too has a line round the top of his penis, but its green. The third guy admits that this ring he has is orange.

The doctor calls in the first guy with the red ring leaving Harry and the other sufferer nervously awaiting their fate.

There's no noise and after about 15 minutes the guy re-appears with a big grin on his face.

"Nothing to it, " he said. The doctor reappeared and called the guy with the orange ring into the consulting room.

"So what happened," inquired Harry. "Piece of cake" the other guy replies. "The Doctor examined the problem, coated on some cream and after ten minutes told me to wash it all off. And that was it! The ring had gone!" The other guy appears and starts to tell the same story and of the similar treatment just as the Doctor calls for Harry. Harry wanders in, full of confidence, drops his trousers and asks where the cream is kept. The Doctor looks at Harry over the top of his glasses, picks up a wooden spatula, and proceeds to examine Harry's appendage with great concern. "I've got some bad news for you Harry," the Doctor pronounces, "we will have to amputate your penis as soon as possible!" Harry sinks into a chair in disbelief and horror. "Can't you just give me the cream like you did for the other two guys. They've recovered OK."

"Well Harry," says the doc,"there's all the difference in the world between removing lipstick and dealing with gangrene!"